Our Products


Pastured Meats & fresh produce packages still available!

Each package is offered for a period of 26 weeks.

Meat package: $750 would get customer over $1000 worth of meat. Would include approximately 6.5 pounds of chicken and pork weekly.

Vegetable and fruit package: $500 and would include a bushel of seasonal vegetables and fruits weekly. Half share would include a peck for $250.

Meat and vegetable package: $600 and would include a peck of produce and one pack of both chicken and pork weekly.

Fresh pastured pork available – also fed with natural GMO free grains…some grains raised right here on our farm
Fresh natural, pasture raised chicken available – never fed any drugs or GMO products
Assorted delicious pork sausages available – just in time for grilling season!
Weekly bushel of seasonal vegetable packages available
Smaller weekly peck packages also available
Meat and vegetable combo packages available
Fresh just tastes better!
We make dinner easy! Contact us today.


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